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Dear anonymous poster, whilst it is unclear whether you are a current employee, past employee or simply an outside influencer we are happy to respond to your comments.

Our commission structure is one of the best offered in the industry. NonStop Recruitment in particular, offers its rewards based on meritocracy and therefor, the level of your reward is solely down to the individual.

All newcomers start out as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant – we call the role Market Researcher, which is the 1st stage of their career with NonStop Recruitment which we expect they will be promoted from within 2-3 months. In the role in they are providing a resourcing service for the business whilst learning their trade. They can earn rewards even at this stage of their career. As a Market Researcher, if they find a candidate who is then placed by one of our senior consultants or Team Leaders with their clients, the Market Researcher will earn a 3,000czk bonus. Once the Market Researcher has learnt their trade and is working as a Junior Consultant – A position we call Market Builder, they can earn from 8% to 16% of the revenues they generate if they are still based in the Czech Republic. As a full consultant, their commission structure is double, 16% - 40% of the revenues they generate.

If they are that the stage of development where they can relocate to the UK or Swiss offices - as a Market Builder, then the commission structure is 10% – 20% of the revenues generated and as a full Consultant, 20%-40% of the revenues generated.

We’re proud to confirm that some of our consultants, who are earning over £100,000 in their first year, have proved that earning high levels of commission are very achievable. We are seeing monthly earnings exceeding £20,000 for some of our consultants; all of which has been achieved with hard work and dedication to their role. It’s true that not everyone in the business is earning high commission but those that are, stand out as the individuals who are working hard, understand that the rewards they reap are down to their efforts and of course, show drive, energy and enthusiasm on a day to day basis.

Recruitment Activities
Recruitment can be quite hard, it’s true to say there is a lot of phone work like many other industries. Taken into consideration that we are servicing clients from across Europe and also on a global basis, there wouldn’t be any commercial benefit to have over 50% of the workforce spending their whole week travelling to meet clients and candidates. As a highly effective recruitment organisation, we save our clients and candidates time in the hiring process, especially those who do not have time to meet with multiple providers during their busy schedules.

Our consultants are expected to make between 40-80 calls in a day – sometimes more, sometimes less, this includes a core period of business development calls on a daily basis. We do not use an auto dialler to schedule the calls, each consultant is responsible for managing their own work load. The amount of time spent on the phone is a general metric but far more important to us is the quality of the conversations our consultants are having with both their clients and their candidates and ultimately the relationships with them. It is a proven fact that you can not build business relationships by email and although you may gain entry to an organisation through this, the phone communication will always be needed and will be the core method of building relationships, understanding both your clients and candidates needs and resulting in more knowledge of your own specialist market.

Quality Assurance
We do look at our consultant’s activities. We have put in place a Quality assurance team that is ensuring we recruit both ethically and responsibility. Quality Assurance is introduced from the very beginning, the internal recruitment process, throughout your training and development and as you work as a consultant, even a team leader and a manager. The Quality Assurance function is unique within the recruitment industry and is not a policing tool. It is there to support you in your growth and development. As a Market Researcher, your training Team Leader will provide you with feedback on your performance delivered through our Quality Assurance, and will provide you with further training and development, advice and guidance to help you improve your abilities as a recruitment consultant. This will continue as you move into each future role you hold at NonStop Recruitment. Those who perform well in our environment are generally those who embrace the Quality Assurance function as a tool that will help them grow, develop and succeed and ultimately make them more profitable through the higher standards of work they are performing. They show a desire to learn and a great deal of humility when receiving Quality Assurance feedback which they then use to progress.

Contracts and Salaries
There is nothing to hide in terms of our contractual conditions. We have now moved to offering an initial 12 month fixed term contract for all new starters within the business. It is fully compliant with the Czech Labour code and we are happy to discuss any concerns future joiners may have in this regard.

During the hiring process, salary, accommodation, the opportunity to relocate and much more are discussed with potential new joiners as we want to remain open, honest and clear in our communications.

The salary is 25,000czk per month; this is commensurate with the local cost of living in Pardubice. If you’re looking for an opportunity abroad, you really should focus some research on the cost of living within the countries you are considering as well as looking at the average salary for the local regions of the country. We recommend visiting to give you a general idea within the Czech Republic. Ultimately, the lifestyle you lead comes down to you and the responsibility you take for managing your finances, we have a number of Market Researchers and junior consultants who live quite comfortably from the salary provided. They will be more than happy to share their experiences and tell you about their lifestyle.

When it comes to accommodation in Pardubice, everyone has a choice. No-one is obliged to take the accommodation we have sourced, in fact it would be easier for us if people were to take the initiative and find their own accommodation however, most people do opt for the accommodation we have sourced. We have decided to offer this as an optional benefit to our new joiners as it can help ease the transition to the Czech Republic.
When a new starter joins NonStop Recruitment, if they have chosen the accommodation we have sourced then they will be housed initially in a room within a building we have rented. The room is lockable with its own toilet and shower and the new joiner will share facilities such as the TV lounge, kitchen and laundry facilities. There are 8 rooms across 2 floors. At the ground floor level there is a bar which is available to the local public as well as the tenants of the facility. It is initial accommodation that will be provided for the first 3-4 weeks of a new employee’s career and is provided for the intention of providing a smooth transition In to life in the Czech Republic. It also allows for the new employee to focus on their new role and getting to know their new colleagues without the worry and hassle of finding accommodation themselves.

After this initial period, all employees once again have an opportunity to either find their own accommodation, or to ask for further the accommodation we have sourced. If they choose to live in further the accommodation we have sourced, they will be guaranteed a room in a shared flat which NonStop has rented directly from a local Landlord and subsequently, sublets to it’s employees. The flat will be available for the first 6 months of the new employee’s career with us.

The accommodation is not free of charge; each employee pays rent, always in arrears – we arrange to deduct the rent directly from the employees salary at the end of every month. It is clear, open and fully visible within the employee’s wage slip. We are very open about the costs which range from 4,500czk to 8,000czk dependant on the size of room and apartment. There are no deposits or advanced fees to be paid and utilities and internet bills are included in the rate. We have an accommodation board in the middle of the office in Pardubice with prices per room clearly shown and new employees can choose the room of their liking (pending availability).

We also recognise that moving to private accommodation can be a costly experience and so as a company we have implemented a relocation policy whereby we can provide financial assistance to our employees to help with moving from the accommodation we have sourced, to private accommodation where requested.

We believe the provision of accommodation is of great benefit to our employees and are unaware of many companies that offer this level of support in the early stages of someone’s career.

Retention of Employees
We’ve already mentioned that recruitment can be challenging and as such, it does happen from time to time that after starting a role within recruitment, new employees after a period of time come to the understanding that recruitment is not the career for them, likewise the employer sometimes has to make these decisions too.

It is factually incorrect to state that there are more people leaving NonStop Recruitment than joining the company. After recent changes in our hiring process and in our initial training and development of new Market Researchers, our retention rate of Market Researchers for 2015 is currently standing at 82% which is well above the industry average. Our retention levels at junior consultant and full consultant are also very much above the industry standard and have been for many years. We have grown organically as a business since our beginnings and exponentially so over the last two years with most of our team leaders and management team having started as trainees with us.

The Future
Based on the success and continued growth of the organisation we are in fact targeting further growth in 2015. So much so that we have put in place a challenging target of doubling the size of the business both in terms of manpower, revenues and ultimately profitability. We’re looking at new markets, not just in Europe but also on a global basis which in turn means lots of opportunity for both existing and new team members. The company has experience growth year on year, continues to do so and there are no limitations on what could potentially be achieved this year.

Contact Us
Our internal recruitment team would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have:

Marketa Littlemore – Head of Talent Acquisition
Anna Budner – Talent Acquisition Specialist

You can contact us by phone on +44 (0) 207 940 4595, or by email on or
Product or Service Quality

Very low commissions for the first couple of years. You are pushed to work regularly 12 hours everyday and to come to work even at the weekend, you'll live your life through the phone and you will be expected to make something like 80-100 calls and 4-5 hours or more on the phone everyday in a very stressful Orwellian environment where every action and call you make is monitored; this situation doesn't change progressing in your career, in fact it worsens...

The company notoriously had have problems in presenting clearly the contract terms to graduates...making them have unrealistic expectations about salary, accommodation, time required to move from Pardubice office to another and even about the kind of contract offered...

Crucially, the number of people leaving every month is higher than the number of new inexperienced people joining...

All this clearly points to a negative future outlook for the company...

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