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Dear Ex Employee,

Thank you for your recent posting, we’re happy that you have chosen to position us in a somewhat positive light however, we’re sure that had you raised some of the points during your exit interview we could have given you some feedback personally at the time you left the business.

Micro Management
We’re disappointed that you have taken the view that we micro-manage our consultants and their activities on a day to day basis.

As you are already aware, Quality Assurance is introduced from the very beginning - the internal recruitment process, throughout your training and development and your time as a consultant. You’ll also be very aware that even our team leaders and managers undergo Quality Assurance.

We’re sure that in your time here at NonStop Recruitment you recognise, the Quality Assurance function is unique within the recruitment industry and is not a policing tool. It is there to support you in your growth and development. We will have provided you with feedback on your performance delivered through our Quality Assurance, and will have given you further training and development, advice and guidance to help you improve your abilities as a recruitment consultant.

As an ex-employee, you’ll know that those who perform well in our environment are generally those who embrace the Quality Assurance function as a tool that will helps them grow, develop and succeed and ultimately make them more profitable through the higher standards of work they are performing. They show a desire to learn and a great deal of humility when receiving Quality Assurance feedback which they then use to progress.

You are no doubt happy to acknowledge that when it came to your experience of opting for company accommodation, there were no deposits or advanced payments. Also the method in which the rent of the accommodation was deducted from your salary was most likely very helpful in showing you, your spending power for the month. We’re quite sure you took appreciated the cleaning services provided for you as an additional benefit too.

As you personally have experience of using our accommodation, we’re sure that you’ll agree it is a great benefit to new starters who join our company. We’d be very interested in hearing if you have had the same level of support in your new role.

In order to clarify things of any potential readers of this post we have detailed the facts about our accommodation below:
When it comes to accommodation in Pardubice, everyone has a choice. No-one is obliged to take the accommodation we have sourced, in fact it would be easier for us if people were to take the initiative and find their own accommodation however, most people do opt for the accommodation we have sourced. We have decided to offer this as an optional benefit to our new joiners as it can help ease the transition to the Czech Republic.

When a new starter joins NonStop Recruitment, if they have chosen the accommodation we have sourced then they will be housed initially in a room within a building we have rented. The room is lockable with its own toilet and shower and the new joiner will share facilities such as the TV lounge, kitchen and laundry facilities. There are 8 rooms across 2 floors. At the ground floor level there is a bar which is available to the local public as well as the tenants of the facility. It is initial accommodation that will be provided for the first 3-4 weeks of a new employee’s career and is provided for the intention of providing a smooth transition In to life in the Czech Republic. It also allows for the new employee to focus on their new role and getting to know their new colleagues without the worry and hassle of finding accommodation themselves.

After this initial period, all employees once again have an opportunity to either find their own accommodation, or to ask for further the accommodation we have sourced. If they choose to live in further the accommodation we have sourced, they will be guaranteed a room in a shared flat which NonStop has rented directly from a local Landlord and subsequently, sublets to it’s employees. The flat will be available for the first 6 months of the new employee’s career with us.

The accommodation is not free of charge; each employee pays rent, always in arrears – we arrange to deduct the rent directly from the employees salary at the end of every month. It is clear, open and fully visible within the employee’s wage slip. We are very open about the costs which range from 4,500czk to 8,000czk dependant on the size of room and apartment. There are no deposits or advanced fees to be paid and utilities and internet bills are included in the rate. We have an accommodation board in the middle of the office in Pardubice with prices per room clearly shown and new employees can choose the room of their liking (pending availability).

We also recognise that moving to private accommodation can be a costly experience and so as a company we have implemented a relocation policy whereby we can provide financial assistance to our employees to help with moving from the accommodation we have sourced, to private accommodation where requested.

We believe the provision of accommodation is of great benefit to our employees and are unaware of many companies that offer this level of support in the early stages of someone’s career.

Relocation to other offices
We’d like to understand your beliefs surrounding the timescales involved in moving to another office location.

As you know, one of our rewards for consultants is providing them with the freedom to experience working from different locations whether it be a permanent move to one office location, or a short term experience in order to decide on where the individual would like to be based or even a week or two in a location which can be combined with a number of client visits and/or candidate meetings.

You’ll also through your experience, know that the length of time it takes to relocate is once again, purely dependant on the individual and how quickly they can show business that they have earned the opportunity to relocate with us.

There is a clear structure in place, whereby a junior consultant can ask to relocate to another office and fulfil the ‘Market Builder to Move’ criteria, which is a group of tasks associated with their role, that they need to show they can perform consistently with a level of autonomy. Once the consultant completes this criteria, they are free to move. We even provide support where required for the relocation process
We are happy to provide examples of consultants who have/are relocated/ing within 4-6 months of joining NonStop and we are willing to give any potential new joiner the opportunity to talk to them to understand their real life experience and what they did in order to be successful and earn the opportunity to relocate.

Award Winning Training:
We are proud of the training we provide and we’re in no doubt that the skills you have gained as a result of your training will certainly benefit you in your career moving forward.
We believe the training modules provided through a mix of interactive, classroom based learning and on the job application of the new skills, provides trainees who join NonStop not only with the skills required to become a successful recruitment consultant, but also gives valuable skills that can be used in everyday life situations.

The award given to NonStop Recruitment - Best International Graduate Recruiter, was judged by an independent panel and shows our commitment to ensuring the best in practice training and development of staff, you can find more details here:

We’ve since been nomitaed for, and won other awards for individuals and the company which can be clearly related to the added value of the training we provide throughout a consultants career with us.

Retention of Employees
You quite rightly mentioned that recruitment can be challenging and as such, it does happen from time to time that after starting a role within recruitment, new employees after a period of time come to the understanding that recruitment is not the career for them, likewise the employer sometimes has to make these decisions too.

It is factually incorrect to state that there is a high turnover of staff at NonStop Recruitment. After recent changes in our hiring process and in our initial training and development of new trainees, our retention rate of trainees for 2015 is currently standing at 82% which is well above the industry average. Our retention levels at junior consultant and full consultant are also very much above the industry standard and have been for many years.

Potentially you have yourself experienced the rewards that come through our commission structure.
We do however refute your claim that the commission relating to the candidate start date is not explained to you. In fact, this is explained not only during the recruitment process, but also would have been covered during your induction. We’d have happily discussed your point of view had you made us aware of this at the time of leaving.

Our commission structure is one of the best offered in the industry. NonStop Recruitment in particular, offers its rewards based on meritocracy and therefor, the level of your reward is solely down to the individual.

All newcomers start out as a Trainee, a role in which they are providing a resourcing service for the business whilst learning their trade. They can earn rewards even at this stage of their career. As a Trainee, if they find a candidate who is then placed by one of our senior consultants or Team Leaders with their clients, the trainee will earn a 3,000czk bonus once the candidate starts employment. Once the trainee has learnt their trade and is working as a Junior Consultant they can earn from 8% to 16% of the revenues they generate if they are still based in the Czech Republic. As a full consultant, their commission structure is double, 16% - 40% of the revenues they generate.

If they are that the stage of development where they can relocate to our other offices, then the commission structure as a Junior Consultant is 10% – 20% of the revenues generated and as a full Consultant, 20%-40% of the revenues generated.

We’re proud to confirm that some of our consultants, who are earning over £100,000 in their first year, have proved that earning high levels of commission are very achievable. We are seeing monthly pay checks exceeding £20,000 for some of our consultants; all of which has been achieved with hard work and dedication to their role. It’s true that not everyone in the business is earning high commission but those that are, stand out as the individuals who are working hard, understand that the rewards they reap are down to their efforts and of course, show drive, energy and enthusiasm on a day to day basis.

As with any town anywhere in the world, your experience is purely what you make it. There’s no doubting that if you wish to while away the hours in the same bars in the town square night after night, you’re likely to get bored of your local environment very quickly.

Pardubice really does have something for everyone and our advice is to get out there and take advantage of what’s available to help you enjoy your time in the Czech Republic with us.

Pardubice itself is a Mediaeval city with a population of around 100,000. It has an Old Town Square, Restaurants & Bars (English Menus), Modern shopping centre, Cinema and offers plenty of activities:
Football, Tennis, Bowling, Horse-riding, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Cycle paths in and around the Pardubice region.

Velke Pardubice – Europe’s largest steeplechase event outside of the Grand National in the UK

Motor Cross
Skiing (within 1.5-2 hours drive)
National heritage sites, nearby places (Kunetice, Kutna Hora, Prague, Brno, Moravia etc etc,
International Train Station – routes to Poland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary
Cheap flights home or to other parts of Europe
If you’d like to find out more we’d recommend visiting -,

Raising Issues
Potentially, we’d retort on your comment to show that if people were open in telling the management team how they really feel and asked questions rather than internalising their thoughts, creating anger and a sense of unjustness, then maybe their concerns would be addressed at the appropriate time which would in turn create a better environment for all.

It’s a pity you feel that things only get sorted once Kevin hears about things. Recent changes in the management structure along with the implementation of an internal Employee Liaison has led to a much more open culture in which employees feel empowered to give feedback and feel they have a voice within the organisation.

We are always looking to improve both candidate and client, as well as our own employees experiences.

Contact Us
Our internal recruitment team would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have:

Marketa Littlemore – Head of Talent Acquisition
Anna Budner – Talent Acquisition Specialist

You can contact us by phone on +44 (0) 207 940 4595, or by email on or

This blog is an interesting read and greatly entertaining because some things are true and others are out of proportion.

I worked at the company for a long time and the things I am going to say are the truth.

Recruitment is not easy, it's cut throat and basic sales.

I think Kevin (the owner) is a genuine person and he is the first one to put his hands up if things have not gone well; but I also think it takes a while for things to get around to him.

I do believe the micro-management in the day to day work is over-obsessive and it drives people away, not just newcomers but also long standing staff.

Expect to be treated like a child whether you know the job or not.

The Czech situation is not a scam, but it’s built in the company’s interest; any company works for profit so you can clearly see that the program is in place to make the company succeed.

On some of the points I am not going to comment because I am not sure what the deal is with the new people coming into the business but I can clarify the following:

2- Accommodations arranged when you get there

The first accommodation is not great, but the flats you get moved to after are better.

3- Ability to earn from day one.

It depends on how sharp you are, it took me longer than that, because some people get it straight away and others (like me) take a while to understand the process

4 After 6 months at Czech Republic the ability to transfer to any of the other European offices including London

This is not entirely true, it takes longer because you need to be a biller that can pay for his desk cost. They won’t pay for you to move to London if you don’t make money (again it’s sales don’t expect to be treated well if you don’t perform)

5- Award winning training scheme

Anyone can win an award, I think McDonalds has won awards for best employer, but no one wants to work there 

6- Taking on 10 people a month as they have just recently started expanding

Turnover is high because not everyone can take the pressure, or they don’t perform

7- the commission scheme

Any junior recruitment role pays very little, and what you are not told is that you are only paid the month that the candidate start the new job

8- the location

Small town 2 hours from Prague, it depends it does it for some and not for others

9- accommodation

Refer to point 2

Overall I can say I learned a lot. I don’t like a lot of people at the company or the motto but we all know that the perfect job does not exist.

I think that if the overall opinion is that the company is a scam people shouldn’t worry because if that is the case it will fail.

What I have written is from direct experience, and if you don’t like sales don’t apply for the job.

In addition to that the fat guy that swears at people is no longer there. (as I said when things get to Kevin he sorts them)

I hope this helps to clarify things.

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