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Dear poster,

Thank you for your article regarding NonStop Recruitment.

Of course we value your opinion however, we do believe that it would be wise to consider your opinion, especially when it is based on an article placed on a website with profanities in its title and is clearly written in an offensive manner.

We can not control the web postings of one individual, be it a competitor or ex employees using a pseudonym. Recruitment can be challenging and some people will not be a good match for this industry. We also realise that some people will avoid any sense of responsibility and will actively attempt to cover their own failings through attacking others.

We accept that some applicants will simply believe whatever they read without question and that to some extent, realise this may serve as a suitable tool for self selection.

If you wish to discuss this further and find out more about NonStop Recruitment, then we are happy to talk with you however, if you’d rather rely on the information you have found without investigating things further for yourself, then regrettably we agree this is probably not a suitable opportunity for both parties.

For the benefit of graduates reading this article who might have concerns we have detailed below some responses to the key points of this review:

We currently advertise not only on Reed but many other job boards as well and if you look carefully you’ll see the consistency of each and every advert stating in terms of salary: £20,000 - £100,000 OTE. This accurately reflects the salary range you can expect. OTE stands for On Target Earnings. Recruitment is a lucrative industry where the rewards you receive are reflected through your hard work and effort.

Contracts and Salaries
There is nothing to hide in terms of our contractual conditions. We have now moved to offering an initial 12 month fixed term contract for all new starters within the business. It is fully compliant with the Czech Labour code and we are happy to discuss any concerns future joiners may have in this regard.

During the hiring process, salary, accommodation, the opportunity to relocate and much more are discussed with potential new joiners as we want to remain open, honest and clear in our communications.

The basic salary is 25,000czk per month; this is commensurate with the local cost of living in Pardubice. If you’re looking for an opportunity abroad, you really should focus some research on the cost of living within the countries you are considering as well as looking at the average salary for the local regions of the country. We recommend visiting to give you a general idea within the Czech Republic. Ultimately, the lifestyle you lead comes down to you and the responsibility you take for managing your finances, we have a number of trainees and junior consultants who live quite comfortably from the salary provided. They will be more than happy to share their experiences and tell you about their lifestyle.

Swiss Headquarters – International Culture
We actively support applications not only from the UK but also from EU nationals based in other countries. This is something that gives us an exceptional, multicultural and international environment within a British owned company. Being ‘British’ is not enough for us, you’ll need to show an ability to adapt to and embrace new cultures and work internationally with foreign nationals from all walks of life.

If you’re questioning our legitimacy as a company then we’d like to highlight that there are strict regulations concerning the registration of a company in the Czech Republic and we’d happily invite you to investigate us further using our Czech company number – IČO: 27536815, feel free to look us up on the relevant government portals in the Czech Republic. You’re also welcome to investigate our Limited Company status in the UK using our registered company number - 3997470

Recommended Research

We highly recommend that individuals considering joining NonStop Recruitment do some research on the company, you can find out much more here:

We’ve included below, a link to a document published on the Czech Invest website that will give you full details on our EU Funding arranged through CzechInvest, Ministry of Industry and Trade:

If you’re searching for any record of our award for the training; we’ve attached the following link for you:

Contact Us
Here at NonStop Recruitment we believe in being open, honest and ethical and we’d like to invite any readers of this article to contact us and discuss any concerns they might have.

Our internal recruitment team would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have:

Marketa Littlemore – Head of Talent Acquisition
Anna Budner – Talent Acquisition Specialist

You can contact us by phone on +44 (0) 207 940 4595, or by email on or
Huddersfield, England
Price Affordability


I was preparing for an assessment day but wanted to do some research first and this article is so true. On reed the salary is £25k but when I asked him to confirm this he got a little stuttery.

Then he explained how they actually mean 25,000 of Czech currency a month which is not a lot.

Who cares if the cost of living is less in that country, I'm British and if you tell me to expect £25,000 basic that's what i want not a few hundred pound. STOP LYING TO VULNERABLE GRADS YOU skum PEOPLE!

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: stop lying to vunerable grads.

I didn't like: Lies.

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