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There are 10 points which we will address individually, but please note that this article was written by an employee, not a candidate or client of NonStop Recruitment Ltd, the individual has not been posted under their own name, no such person as Peter Stanick has ever been employed by the company, should the real poster be prepared to reveal their identity, and evidence of material loss we would be happy to investigate according to our quality assurance and complaints processes, and if necessary provide compensation if appropriate.

The business is clearly not in anyway acting inappropriately, it has been endorsed and audited by the EU as well as various regulatory authorities, the EU received this complaint and conducted an investigation and found no cause for concern.

1. There is nothing to hide in terms of our contractual conditions. We have now moved to offering an initial 12 month fixed term contract for all new starters within the business. It is fully compliant with the Czech Labour code and we are happy to discuss any concerns future joiners may have in this regard.
During the hiring process, salary, accommodation, the opportunity to relocate and much more are discussed with potential new joiners as we want to remain open, honest and clear in our communications.
The basic salary is 25,000czk per month; this is commensurate with the local cost of living in Pardubice. If you’re looking for an opportunity abroad, you really should focus some research on the cost of living within the countries you are considering as well as looking at the average salary for the local regions of the country. We recommend visiting to give you a general idea within the Czech Republic. Ultimately, the lifestyle you lead comes down to you and the responsibility you take for managing your finances, we have a number of trainees and junior consultants who live quite comfortably from the salary provided. They will be more than happy to share their experiences and tell you about their lifestyle.

2. When it comes to accommodation in Pardubice, everyone has a choice. No-one is obliged to take the accommodation we have sourced, in fact it would be easier for us if people were to take the initiative and find their own accommodation however, most people do opt for the accommodation we have sourced. We have decided to offer this as an optional benefit to our new joiners as it can help ease the transition to the Czech Republic.

When a new starter joins NonStop Recruitment, if they have chosen the accommodation we have sourced then they will be housed initially in a room within a building we have rented. The room is lockable with its own toilet and shower and the new joiner will share facilities such as the TV lounge, kitchen and laundry facilities. There are 8 rooms across 2 floors. At the ground floor level there is a bar which is available to the local public as well as the tenants of the facility. It is initial accommodation that will be provided for the first 3-4 weeks of a new employee’s career and is provided for the intention of providing a smooth transition In to life in the Czech Republic. It also allows for the new employee to focus on their new role and getting to know their new colleagues without the worry and hassle of finding accommodation themselves.

After this initial period, all employees once again have an opportunity to either find their own accommodation, or to ask for further the accommodation we have sourced. If they choose to live in further the accommodation we have sourced, they will be guaranteed a room in a shared flat which NonStop has rented directly from a local Landlord and subsequently, sublets to it’s employees. The flat will be available for the first 6 months of the new employee’s career with us.

The accommodation is not free of charge; each employee pays rent, always in arrears – we arrange to deduct the rent directly from the employees salary at the end of every month. It is clear, open and fully visible within the employee’s wage slip. We are very open about the costs which range from 4,500czk to 8,000czk dependant on the size of room and apartment. There are no deposits or advanced fees to be paid and utilities and internet bills are included in the rate. We have an accommodation board in the middle of the office in Pardubice with prices per room clearly shown and new employees can choose the room of their liking (pending availability).

We also recognise that moving to private accommodation can be a costly experience and so as a company we have implemented a relocation policy whereby we can provide financial assistance to our employees to help with moving from the accommodation we have sourced, to private accommodation where requested.

We believe the provision of accommodation is of great benefit to our employees and are unaware of many companies that offer this level of support in the early stages of someone’s career.

Another optional benefit we offer is to introduce our employees to a bank, currently this is Unicredit, one of the Worlds largest banking organisations ( similar to HSBC), the implication that some how there is some kind of illicit relationship based on friendship between Unicredit and NonStop Recruitment and this would work to the detriment of our employees is completely false and unfounded. In Feb 2015 the staff accommodation was subsidised by over 6000 gbp.
3. There are different stages to the training programme, you are paid a basic salary as mentioned above, the first stage is an induction, the second stage is between 50 – 100 calls in about a week, to the candidates to audit their experience, this is to build confidence for people not used to speaking on the phone, as well as to learn how to treat the candidates well and to help us improve the quality of our candidate experience, the following stage is to learn about your specialist area, after which we train our employees to speak to candidates. If they make a successful match they can receive a small bonus for doing so. This is a training role, and the skills are given in order to become a successful recruiter, but as in any training role, the high earnings come after qualification and that typically starts after 6 – 18 months dependant on the trainee

4. The company employs 170 people currently, if this information is correct in this review then the growth since the review has been fantastic, but actually the information is inaccurate, should you wish to attend an assessment day in London you will find our offices on the 32nd floor of the Citibank building in Canary Wharf, one of the finest addresses in the UK and will see about 25 of the employees there happily going about their daily business.

5. The training award received was from Archant – a media group, we beat several blue chip companies – here is a link The individual who wrote this article refers to an employee delivering the training, it seems ironic that he complains about the employee’s foul mouth whilst using copious swear words and offensive remarks himself. Any complaint from any employee is always taken seriously, Recent changes in the management structure along with the implementation of an internal Employee Liaison has led to a much more open culture in which employees feel empowered to give feedback and feel they have a voice within the organisation. We are always looking to improve both candidate and client, as well as our own employees experiences. Unfortunately the writer of this article only stayed for two days and made no such complaint. As the employee in question has now left the business, I hope if there was a genuine issue it is no longer one, and that I would also like to remind the writer that he also has employee and human rights and doesn’t deserve to be so publicly and brutally attacked all over the internet without at least an opportunity to deal with the issue in an adult manner. I know that this article caused the individual and his young family a great deal of distress and only goes to show that the internet whilst often a fantastic mechanism to share information positively can be abused to attack individuals with no recourse, on a guilty and no chance to prove innocence basis, it is a pity that any employee whilst carrying out their duties to the best of their ability should be treated in such a manner.

6. We invest heavily in the training and development of people with no experience, at times the staff retention has not been satisfactory, this has been in part due to poor internal recruitment which we have now addressed, I think I it’s clear from the tone and nature of this article that we should not be employing potential recruiters such as the author, and we have had to change the internal recruitment process to make sure we make better decisions, we have also restructured the training and development, bringing in an external trainer who has worked with Blue Chip companies such as GE and DELL in order to give the trainees the best possible opportunity to make it as a successful recruiter.

7. Our commission structure is one of the best offered in the industry. NonStop Recruitment in particular, offers its rewards based on meritocracy and therefor, the level of your reward is solely down to the individual.
All newcomers start out as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant – we call the role Market Researcher, which is the 1st stage of their career with NonStop Recruitment which we expect they will be promoted from within 2-3 months. In the role in they are providing a resourcing service for the business whilst learning their trade. They can earn rewards even at this stage of their career. As a Market Researcher, if they find a candidate who is then placed by one of our senior consultants or Team Leaders with their clients, the Market Researcher will earn a 3,000czk bonus. Once the Market Researcher has learnt their trade and is working as a Junior Consultant – A position we call Market Builder, they can earn from 8% to 16% of the revenues they generate if they are still based in the Czech Republic. As a full consultant, their commission structure is double, 16% - 40% of the revenues they generate.
If they are that the stage of development where they can relocate to the UK or Swiss offices - as a Market Builder, then the commission structure is 10% – 20% of the revenues generated and as a full Consultant, 20%-40% of the revenues generated.
We’re proud to confirm that some of our consultants, who are earning over £100,000 in their first year, have proved that earning high levels of commission are very achievable. We are seeing monthly earnings exceeding £20,000 for some of our consultants; all of which has been achieved with hard work and dedication to their role. It’s true that not everyone in the business is earning high commission but those that are, stand out as the individuals who are working hard, understand that the rewards they reap are down to their efforts and of course, show drive, energy and enthusiasm on a day to day basis.
We have never had an issue with an employee not being able to make it home, easy jet and RYAN air fly regularly to the UK and we would rather pay the flight and have done so on occasion than have an unhappy employee.

8. The train to Prague takes 57 minutes a very quick search on Google will find this out, whilst driving it is an hour to an hour and a half traffic dependant.

As with any town anywhere in the world, your experience is purely what you make it. There’s no doubting that if you wish to while away the hours in the same bars in the town square night after night, you’re likely to get bored of your local environment very quickly. Pardubice really does have something for everyone and our advice is to get out there and take advantage of what’s available to help you enjoy your time in the Czech Republic with us.

Pardubice itself is a Mediaeval city with a population of around 100,000. It has an Old Town Square, Restaurants & Bars (English Menus), Modern shopping centre, Cinema and offers plenty of activities:

Football, Tennis, Bowling, Horse-riding, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Cycle paths in and around the Pardubice region.
Velke Pardubice – Europe’s largest steeplechase event outside of the Grand National in the UK
Motor Cross
Skiing (within 1.5-2 hours drive)
National heritage sites, nearby places (Kunetice, Kutna Hora, Prague, Brno, Moravia etc etc,
International Train Station – routes to Poland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary
Cheap flights home or to other parts of Europe

If you’d like to find out more we’d recommend visiting -,
Pardubice of course does not have the same nightlife as a capital city, but it has less traffic and is a good base for initial training. After hitting target ( covering costs), employees can move to any of the offices without restriction, the truth is that many don’t leave Pardubice but many do, we have employees that choose to be based in another location but come back to see their friends and colleagues every few months,w e are very flexible regarding location.

9. Czech Republic is part of the EU, we can not force or are we required to provide accommodation, it is an optional extra, some people are very happy in the accommodation, others prefer to live elsewhere, it is an ongoing administrative and financial burden on the business but one we feel necessary in order to assist employees settle in. We have a large board where people can advertise appartments, rooms, look for room mates internally.

10. Please do come to an assessment day, if invited, if you come to the assessment centre you will immediately see the falsehood in this article, from the environment and the people.

We have recently moved into brand new Offices in:
Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, UK
Baarerstrasse 135, Zug, Switzerland
Danube House, Prague, Czech Republic

We also have offices in:

Lakeside, Portsmouth, UK
K Vinici 1256, Pardubice, Czech Republic

If anyone is questioning our legitimacy as a company then we’d like to highlight that there are strict regulations concerning the registration of a company in the Czech Republic and we’d happily invite you to investigate us further using our Czech company number – IČO: 27536815, feel free to look us up on the relevant government portals. You’re also welcome to investigate our Limited Company status in the UK using our registered company number - 3997470

The final comment is completely false, the EU grant ( which is finishing in April 2015) does not specify EU nationality so is not to bring British people over, the EU specifically does not differentiate amongst workers in the EU. The grant pays a % of the costs associated with hiring research and operations staff, the trainees are part of the research team, but the company has to fund the costs in its entirety and then get a % back after about 9 months, the EU grant is to contribute to the investment we make in training and developing the employees and the subsequent benefit it has on the local community. We believe that for those employees that do actually take advantage of the training program, there are valuable skills learned for life and for business, we have numerous letters from ex employees thanking us for the development, and many current employees moving into senior roles that the combination of our investment and support from the EU made possible.

We’ve included below, a link to a document published on the Czech Invest website that will give you full details on our EU Funding arranged through CzechInvest, Ministry of Industry and Trade:
We have worked closely with the EU and been audited on many occasions, we have received praise and even invited to write article regarding the cooperation and success of the project overall.

We highly recommend that individuals considering joining NonStop Recruitment do some research on the company, you can find out much more here:

Of course we would happily have discussed and explained this and any other issues the author had, except they were never raised, and the author refuses to publish his real name, presumably as his article is deliberately slanderous.

Contact Us

Here at NonStop Recruitment we believe in being open, honest and ethical and we’d like to invite any readers of this article to contact us and discuss any concerns they might have.

Our internal recruitment team would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have:

Marketa Littlemore – Head of Talent Acquisition
Anna Budner – Talent Acquisition Specialist

You can contact us by phone on +44 (0) 207 940 4595, or by email on or
Pardubice, Pardubicky Kraj

This is one big scam and lie from the very first phone call. Ill start with the basics.

Here's what you are told:

1- £12000 salary basic

2- Accommodations arranged when you get there

3- Ability to earn from day one.

4 After 6 months at Czech Republic the ability to transfer to any of the other European offices including London

5- Award winning training scheme

6- Taking on 10 people a month as they have just recently started expanding

7- the commission scheme

8- the location

9- accommodation

10- Assesment day

And now the truth:

1- The salary is £822 but you are actually left with £394 a month. Read below.

2- Was told on the phone first month accomodation will be sorted and the following months we pay around £200 a month for an apartment. But when you get there they through you in the rooms which are nowhere near the level of an apartment it's just a room above a bar. For this they charge you 7000czk and then after tax you are expected to live on £394 a month. Which gets paid into a bank account which you have to open at a bank they tell you which just works out to be a friend of the company. Coincidence?

3- B*llsh*t. From day one you are doing surveys just calling pervious candidates to see get some feedback. You cannot make money from day one doing this. Then if you pass this your will be promoted to resourcer. I will go into all that below

4- Nobody on the grad bay or any of the resources has been here longer than 3 months. Infact only 3 people have been here 3 months. So you will get fired before getting close to 6 months and googleing these office you will find they don't or hardly exist. They tell you we have offices everywhere. The Switzerland office is maybe around 4 people max. The London office where they send everyone back after 6 months has around 8 staff there as you'll see on your assessment day.

5- This is the best part. I was expecting an award winning scheme. In fact it's just a fat bloke swearing and telling us how rich he is. Although his attire disagreed with him. He referred to vegetarians as a bunch of gays on the first day which is offensive to both and very unprofessional. The award they won could not be verified as I tried hard to locate this on google and his foul mouth is just irritating shouting at fellow colleagues on just day 2 for asking simple questions. I've received better training in customer service roles and expect this award is totally fabricated.

6- THIS IS WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW!!! To save your time and money. Youre told Recently they have started taking on 10 people a month to expand. NO! If you youtube nonstop recruitment you will find there is a video from Feb 2011 and they have been doing this same scheme since then. So they tell you there is around 100 in the office but really there is around only 50-60. If that there true there would be a much bigger volume of staff but the truth is that they have been taking on 10 people a month for the last few years, make you do all the auditing and resourcing work for the consultants and then send you packing. Literally.

7- so you can earn from day one. And you can be a consultant in 2 months. Hmm, well there are consultants in one corner of the room who will not even say hi to you. My opinion is they have been informed to stay away from us as they are in on the scam. Make us resource all their work and then say goodbye. So how commission works. If you place a candidate, you get . . . . £100 fixed. What a joke. Also it is very difficult to place regardless wether you are a trainee or experienced. While I was there there were 3 people who had been there 3 months, 4 who's been there 2 months and 10 who arrived this month. From all these only one has placed. He brought them around 9000k of business and seen £200 from it on top of his £394. While a consultant took the lion share. People I had spoken to we're dying to come home but literally could not afford to fly home. (ps. Nobody had been there longer than 4 months on the grad bay and also nobody but one had placed a candidate)

8- Pardubice location is really a dead town with nothing to do. There is a couple of bars but this is obviously nothing to do with nonstop recruitment and not they're fault. But they do lie on the distance from prague. They say one hour but really it's like almost 2 hours.

9 Accommodation- like a 2 star hotel in lanzagrotty. They over charge you for it, while first wording it in a way that makes you think its free. After first month you move into another apartment of theirs and have no say on which one. Basically treated like more of a kid.

10- Assesment day at London office. If you go have a look at number of staff and work out how they are sending all the completed trainees back here at end of the month is impossible as there is only 10 computers in the office. Portsmouth and Glasgow offices hardly exist according to google.

They tell you on phone interview you've done really well to get this far but they literally accept anyone who speaks English . But even at my Assesment day there was a few who just about speak English.

Overview is you will be there for a maximum 3 months on £394 a month then you will get sacked. You pay for your own flights so if you use your head you would avoid this scam. Most of the people who went there were like me and had been applying everywhere and using this as a last resort but honestly you will come back in a worse position regardless of your situation.


***The EU Funding***

They receive a fundgrant for every British expat they bring the the Czech Republic which obviously must get paid within the three 3 months you're there so you're there 3 months doing a consultants dirty work before they get their grant and send you home. This is the simple key point and the main factor in my eyes. They say this is a new expansion yet the YouTube video provides key evidence to prove they have been doing this for a very long time.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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I wonder if any improvements have been made to their scam after this post.

Would be nice to see some action here again :)

I have been invited to Assessment days in Brussels for next week. I highly doubt that I will be going there now.


glad I read this before writing an application, *** scam company. The positive reviews are so fake that even a baby can see its ingenuity. Thanks for warning for me!

Pardubice, Pardubice Region, Czech Republic #951593

A wrecking ship…

Very low commissions for the first couple of years. You are pushed to work regularly 12 hours everyday and to come to work even at the weekend, you'll live your life through the phone and you will be expected to make something like 80-100 calls and 4-5 hours or more on the phone everyday in a very stressful Orwellian environment where every action and call you make is monitored; this situation doesn't change progressing in your career, in fact it worsens...

The company notoriously had have problems in presenting clearly the contract terms to graduates...making them have unrealistic expectations about salary, accommodation, time required to move from Pardubice office to another and even about the kind of contract offered...

Crucially, the number of people leaving every month is higher than the number of new inexperienced people joining...

All this clearly points to a negative future outlook for the company...

London, London, United Kingdom #942035

I have been offered an interview for this company I can see very mixed reviews, I am 18 and I am very anxious if offered this position please can someone tell me exactly what happened from there experience so I know whether to pursue this opportunity?


They are scam.If you follow them on reed you could see they post same adverts every second day, organize assessment center day every Thursday, and send people to Czech Republic every month. If it was a legitimate company, there would be no need for such rotation unless you run big corporations.

The business model is clearly designed to take advantage of graduates. It's definitely something for police to investigate.


Hi I am the original poster. Never knew this page would have so much interest.

Just to update I searched up most of the people I remember from my training group on LinkedIn and absolutely none of them are still at this place thank god. So it's definitely not a career.

Also I found that the negative reviews on here are written woth normal day to day Internet style writing, yet the positive reviews are written in such a professional business "admin" manner its kind of obvious what you scammers at non stop are doing lol. Writing your own reviews.

Inventing your own awards. Grow up guys and stop ruining Peoples lives and careers and giving them false hopes!

to Ali Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom #917624

I was interested in this company but having seen your message I am a little concerned. I applied at 11pm and promptly received an email at 9am the next morning telling me "what a great match I was".

I am also a reporter so I would like to speak to those who have been through the experience or know someone who has, not just for my own benefit but if it really is a "scam" as many people are saying, I can put this on a national newspaper. Unfortunately it is easy for anyone to post anonymously - ex-employees and current staff, so I am looking to get a real idea of peoples' experiences from both sides.

Please could you email me at

Thank you

Downham Market, Norfolk, United Kingdom #899151

Total Scam and they are ***. Avoid and report to the police, they will be shut down soon.

All positive testimonials on here are by the fraudsters of the company and not genuine.

London, London, United Kingdom #858008

Thanks for the information on this company. I had an Assessment day with NonStop coming up soon but considering there has been quite a few negative experiences i'm going to cancel, and also share this page on fb and twitter so others can see. Such a shame that people get away with this stuff.

Hradec Kralove, Kralovehradecky Kraj, Czech Republic #839757

The original Poster does not understood currency, economics, the recruitment industry and has a very concerning interpretation of time.

£400 a month, in Czech currency (the Czech Rep. is not a part of the Euro single currency), is plenty to live off in this country.

The cost of living is ridiculously low and beer is in fact cheaper than mineral water. Some places as low as 22 Kc (that's about 60p).

A mahooosive pizza and a glass of beer at a restaurant in Pardubice will set you back around 175Kc (that's about £5). For lunch some places offer set menus at set prices for 85kc and you get a very good portion (especially when it's a pasta dish).

£400 maybe be a pittance in the UK, but out here it's more than satisfactory.

Also, the train station at Pardubice is well connected to main rail arteries throughout Europe.

It takes you to Prague, Munich, Vienna, Bratislava etc and it only takes an hour on the train to get to Prague.

Pardubice is small for a city but is a very charming medieval location. It has a huge leisure centre (you get free gym and swimming pool access through the company) one of the best ice hockey teams in the country and even an American football team that you can play for. Recruitment is a cut throat industry sometimes. You are essentially a salesperson and you will be expected to make up to, and in excess of, 100 calls a day.

It is not for 9-5ers and you really have to earn your stripes. The reason the London office is small and why the poster is confused that 10 people start with the company every month but yet the number of stuff is still around 200 is because recruitment has a high attrition rate, and a high turnover in personnel because many young graduates who haven't had much experience in full time and employment (and more importantly recruitment) cannot *** the demands of the job in order to succeed. They often return home realising it is not what they want, or because they do not have what it takes to succeed. You cannot expect a company to spend money on a person, who is not productive, indefinitely.

Also, it is quite clear that this is not a scam but the company does not make or ask for anything from you except effort and the correct attitude. You do not hand over a penny. Whereas the company pays for your first month of accommodation, and two welcome dinners. They also supply you with a Czech SIM card complete with £6 of credit and help you open your Czech bank account.

They also spent a lot of money on the taxi to take you from the airport in Prague to Pardubice so that you do not have the stress and hassle of having to make your own way. Scammers are normally opportunists who run a disorganised unsophisticated scheme in order to profit from unwitting individuals. NS actually SPEND money on you and invest in you. They run company events which have open bars (God knows what a bar bill for 200 people must run them).

The staff clearly know what they are doing and have in depth knowledge of very specialist and niche industries, and have very high profile FTSE 500 companies on their client list. Do you really think these companies would want to work with, and have their reputations tainted, by association with a rudimentary scam? This is a case of a kid who wasn't good enough and could not handle the rejection and was looking for someone to blame because he was humiliated that he had to return to England with his tail between his legs. ALso, on the point that NS accepts anyone (because it's a scam) is preposterous.

They run several assessment days a month in which dozens of people attend and yet the intake is only around 10 per month. No-one else from my recruitment day made it through and I have heard managers on the phone informing applicants that they have not been successful. I imagine this poster is occupying his time living in his mother's basement, playing internet chess and listening to Aphex Twin, while working part time pushing trolleys around a supermarket car park. I, however, will be earning big money soon, which will allow me to live like a king in a country as cheap as Czech Republic, while living in the most beautiful city in Europe (Prague).

If you didn't last long at NS, it is likely your fault and you will have to deal with it.

The only second thoughts you should have about NS before applying is whether you have the right mindset to succeed in recruitment, not over whether it is a scam. That accusation is for cowards and those who cannot accept they have limitations.


Aight, so I just spoke with one of them for the first interview. Guy sounded really really friendly and honest, he was from my own country so we used our language: he confirmed everything their ads say (about the city, the life, the parties and so on) and, tbh, I'd expect he told the truth.

He was really specific about the accomodation and the salary, which is what everyone said: around 720 quid per month, while the rent is 150 so you're left with 550£, more or less.

On the other hand: the reviewer is right to say there's no trace on the internet of the award they say they won in 2010. I mean, nowhere you can find a list of the winners, at least via Google. Moreover, on other consumer sites you can find loads of positive comments on the same date: 5 reviews on the 15th of March and then nothing for 6 months looks a bit shady if you ask me.

Bottom line: I can't tell if it's a scam or not, and I probably would have accepted if I was interested in the job in the first place: it's a paid position as an intern, in a different country, who cares if in the rooms there's Sky or not.

The thing is I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like the job: from what I understood it's about calling, calling and more calling, recruit people for (mostly pharmaceutical) companies you know nothing about.

Now that's not my goal in life so I'm gonna let this one go, but if you're really interested in HR you might give it a shot. The worst that could happen is that you hate it there and you run away after a few months, with a (small) amount of money in your pocket but an experience to put in your CV.

to notgonnasayit Huddersfield, England, United Kingdom #920623


I was preparing for an assessment day but wanted to do some research first and this article is so true. On reed the salary is £25k but when I asked him to confirm this he got a little stuttery.

Then he explained how they actually mean 25,000 of Czech currency a month which is not a lot.

Who cares if the cost of living is less in that country, I'm British and if you tell me to expect £25,000 basic that's what i want not a few hundred pound. STOP LYING TO VULNERABLE GRADS YOU *** PEOPLE!


ok so here we go. sweaty swearing bloke who is full of hot air: true.

lack of totally awesome training program: true. Ability to make 3000-7000 pounds a month in 6 months: false, although it does depend on the shape of the market. Crappy accommodations: kind of true. Being forced to source for actual recruiters who will mock and scorn you: true.

The reality; recruiting is a deeply disturbing, rough and ugly, street fight of an industry and if you thought anything else when you signed on then you are either delusional or profoundly retarded. It is not for the faint of heart, it is not for the weak, it is not for the lazy, it is definitely not for the airy fairy quasi hipster looking for a cushy ride to the cash machine. If you failed its on you.

And come to think of it maybe Phone Monkey Island is all you would ever be good for anyway, so quit your crying you ponce and go work for an iStyle store.


So let me get this straight.

1. You get a training and get paid same time.

2. After 6 months of training you can start to earn £3 to £7k /month depending on individual potential.

3. You get support in accommodation etc.

4. You Better standard of life i.e. no travel expenses, close to the city square, organised weekend activities( paid by the company) etc.

5. Other recruitment companies would want to hire you just because you have been through this training program.

Why is it that graduates think that the world owe them so much?

Jason, you are 33 year old who came through a graduate scheme,you sure have a successful career.


Brighton, England, United Kingdom #690388

Dear all,

I was working for the company for 3 years but as I'm not NonStop employee anymore, so I can be absolutely honest with all of you.

Please don't believe the statements and comments of people who obviously didn't succeeded in NonStop. Recruitment is very tough business and the fluctuation in recruitment companies is generally very high. It is sales job! The basic salary is not great compare to UK wages but you also need to realize that your expenses will be significantly lower than in UK. (Monthly rent is approximately £230, 2 course lunch in a restaurant is about £3, 1 beer / glass of wine in the bars and restaurants would be £1, etc.)

On the top of that, you can earn absolutely fantastic commission. As far as I know, NonStop Recruitment can offer you still one of the best commission schemes in pharmaceutical recruitment industry. You can realistically reach quite interesting commissions within 3-5 months time.

This job is not for everyone. If your idea is to sit in the office from 8-5pm and have very relaxing and easy job so please don't bother to go anywhere. If you are eager to work very hard, get promoted, earn great money, live abroad and meet lots of cool people, go for it.

There are a few more facts to add:

1. Nonstop have no profit from your accommodation at all! Some flats / houses are quite simple but some of them are absolutely gorgeous and most of the graduates wouldn't be able to afford anything like that in UK.

2. I personally know quite a few people who got quickly promoted and they have been doing very well in Nonstop.

3. You can earn great money in Nonstop.

4. Managers are quite tough sometimes but that's RECRUITMENT!

5. Offices - if you are very good, you have the chance to work from the offices in UK but it is not guaranteed. Many people actually decide to stay in Czech because they simply like it there.

6. Fluctuation is quite big but if you are successful, there is no way that the company will try to get rid of you. Why would they do that? Nonstop is hiring predominantly graduates who still haven't decided what they actually want to do in their life - so fair enough -lots of them will figure out that this is not role for them. But I came across many people who left after 3-4 months but they actually appreciated what the company has done for them and they also appreciated all the skills and experience they gained during their time in NonStop.

7. Unless you speak to somebody who actually understands EU founding vs NonStop (directors, managers, HR or project specialist), please don't believe to any comments here. It is nonsense.

8. Pardubice is beautiful university city full of young people. It is just the matter of taste.

9. For everybody who decided to write the negative comments - please be at least little bit brave and write down your first name.

I feel actually quite sad that somebody had such negative experience with NonStop because my experience is generally very positive about the whole company.

Please don't believe any comments or statements from people who spent there just a few weeks. The company and life style obviously didn't fulfill their expectations and it can happen. On the other hand there are plenty of people who like the company. Some of them have left, some of them have stayed.. I know this is not everybody's cup of tea and moving abroad is very big decision in your life but if you have strong personality and if you work hard, the company will truly reward you.

I will give you an example. If somebody asks you.. "Is London great place for living or is it bad?" which answer would you believe to - " London is the best place for living in the world" or "London is just dirty horrible city"......... My answer would be - "It is down to you!" Here we go... it is the same with NonStop.

London, England, United Kingdom #685090

I would like to offer my own experience of working at NonStop Recruitment - I have been working at Nonstop for 5 years and I can assure you the company doesn’t run any kind of scam. I started working in the Czech office in Pardubice as part of the Czech support team and I am currently based in the London office. I was quickly promoted to a managerial level and I know for a fact that the company offers true meritocracy for those who do well.

Being a trainee recruitment consultant at NonStop is a challenging experience, it is not for everybody and during my time with NonStop I have seen many people come and go. However, those who take on the training and have the right attitude can do really really well and I have seen that happen many times as well.

As for some of the comments about the Czech Republic – I can compare living in Pardubice and living in the UK and I have always felt a lot safer in Pardubice than I have in the UK. The work-life balance in Czech is much better - this comes from somebody who's done both. In Czech you don’t have to spend hours commuting to work like in the UK, your commute to work usually is a 10-minute walk. Prague is 1-hour away – on the train. If you decide to go by car, it takes longer. I have been to several company flats and they are really nice. The Czech staff in the office are helpful and supportive – I cannot tell you how many times I have answered my phone after working hours or at the weekend, be it to help book a taxi, take somebody to the doctor or assist with translation.

People who are successful are offered a transfer to another office, however quite often they decide against it, as they actually enjoy living in the Czech Republic.

London, England, United Kingdom #681745

Desperate positive reviews by scam company management. Don't fall for the trap


Please don't let the opening poster and other negative reviewers ruin what could be a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants a fantastic job in recruitment. I'm not sure what his/her problem is however what he/she is posting is just plain wrong and inaccurate.

They don't use and dispose of you. If you are good enough, take on the training and show the correct attitude, you will be promoted just like in any other company and in my experience Nonstop promote people a lot, lot faster than most companies in the market.

I just don't understand where all the rubbish has come from here. This is a great opportunity to get excellent training, fast progression and good money. Isn't that what all graduates want??

This is coming from a graduate - one of many very happy graduates working for Nonstop in the beautiful Czech Republic and hoping to be promoted in the very near future.

Minehead, England, United Kingdom #672846

Scam scam scam. They use you and then dispose of you.

My brother went and told me everything. Sounded exactly similar to above. Wasted his money and time. Stay in UK, there is real opportunities here.

The place is apparently a village nowhere near prague. In a dangerous suburb.

London, England, United Kingdom #669488

furthermore the fact that they are so desperately trying to shut down this page should tell you how much they fear the truth coming out.

They are running a scam and should be treated as such by the EU and the czech government. I sincerely hope there will be a serious investigation on this scam of their since the EU does not have money to give away


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